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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Off Topic... Dream Christmas Gifts

Ok rather off topic. But I'm one of those people it's easy to find gifts for - you know things that have been created with no purpose other than TO BE A GIFT? Yeh, I love that stuff. Oh my god, a toast stamper! A flannel printed with lovehearts! Nun chuck chop sticks!! I have been known to tell people when prompted for birthday gift suggestions that I'd be happy with an empty box. I then received an empty one of these on the day - and I still have it today, filled with cotton reels and beads and such useful items.

In my hunting for presents - for other people! I am caring, honest! - I just keep coming across things my life absolutely will not be complete without. So here in its glory are my 100% greedylicious self Christmas shopping wishes. In my dreams... ah! Oh yes, and so they fit in here on a book blog, they are all book based! Well, sort of...

1. Top item would definitely have to be the painfully amazing Oliver Jeffers jewelry. Someone sub book boy an extra £100 on the gift budget! Quick!*
*I actually think for this particularly beautiful piece of craft the price is not that bad. Well worth the love and labour going into them - but sadly still out of my price range...

2. Moomin tea flask. Itsh schoo cute!!! I don't even drink tea but I might need to transport some hot squash on a winter picnic one day...

3. Oh how I really should have my own Personal Library Kit. I'm a bit too happy with the lending and not stern enough of the demands for return of borrowed books. I have many a pair of fake nerd glasses I could wear whilst issuing my books... sigh.
4. So... the Muppets probably had books at some point right?* Regardless, I really, REALLY want all the Muppet themed Opi nail varnishes. Whilst the pictured "Fresh Frog of Bel Air" has a special place in my heart and "Divine Swine" is full of googly sparkles, I think "Rainbow Connection" is just too glittery to resist... but so much harder to get hold of!

* Look, The Muppet Babies Annual 1987 was a literary classic, ok?

5. Oh how I loved The Little Prince when I was younger. I have vague cloudy memories joy over an animated video bought at a car boot sale (as with most amazing nostalgia, you can find examples here on youtube!) and to this day it still has an air of mysterious Frenchness to me. So what more classy garment to give me than this snazzy t-shirt?

6. I don't know about you, but I often fall asleep face down on the sofa... with all the lights on, still wearing my clothes... in the shower... in the middle of reading a literary classic. When I wake up to peel the pages from my face, I can't help but think there should be some way to combine falling asleep and reading into some kind of convenient bedside lamp. Well obviously someone out there is listening and created this cute little piece of lighting equipage.

The only bad thing about this bedside genius is that the book is not included. And I imagine if, like me, you forget to turn the light off, you might end up setting fire to your book, and ironically burning the house down. Not recommended...

7. Ever since I sat next to someone at an Oliver Jeffers event (actually in Cambridge) who had one of these, I have needed one. Once again, just sub me £70 odd and it's mine! I mean, I need it to put all my books into. It's academic.

Plus, it's available in ultra barbie neon pink! From the Cambridge Satchel Company. Mmm... Satchels.

Thus concludes my gift buying procrastination... I'll get on with other people's presents now - what's on your dream gift list??


    I think I'm pretty easy to buy for too, I generally like Everything!!!

    That personal library set is genius!! I so wanted to work in a library when I was little. The thought of stamping the books thrilled me *I was an easily pleased child*

    As for dream gift - Apart from a copy of Insurgent, I'm so easily pleased haha!!

  2. Brilliant list! I always read in bed and so I'd love the light. I also previously posted about the personal library set on my blog. It's fantastic. If only I could bring myself to actually lend books out...

  3. Oh Personal Library Kit!! I SO need one of those I has the OPI Rainbow Connection polish be jealous! :P fab list!

  4. I never knew yo had a blog, Rosi! Thank god for Twitter!
    Oooh, I love these gifts! And that necklace is just beautiful!